Session Times and Types

Mondays Booking
Beginners MB1 6.15-6.45 Colette Smith & Dan Harris
Early Swimmers ME1 6.15-6.45 Ali Abbott & Pam Tunbridge
Improvers MI1 6.15-6.45 Julie Stock
Beginners MB4 6.45-7.15 Ali Abbott
Early Swimmers ME3 6.45-7.15 Colette Smith
Improvers MI2 6.45-7.15 Dan Harris
Advanced PSS MA1 6.45-7.15 Colette Smith
Improvers MI3 7.15-7.45 Ali Abbott & Colette Smith
Advanced PSS MA2 7.15-7.45 Dan Harris & Julie Stock
Rookie Lifeguard* MR1 7.00-7.45 Pam Tunbridge
Wednesdays Booking
Beginners WB1 6.00-6.30 Colette Smith & Tony McGlone
Early Swimmers WE1 6.00-6.30 Julie Stock
Improvers WI1 6.00-6.30 Dan Harris
Beginners WB3 6.30-7.00 Julie Stock
Early Swimmers WE2 6.30-7.00 Dan Harris
Improvers WI2 6.30-7.00 Tony McGlone
Swim Fit * WS1 6.30-7.15 Colette Smith
One-One classes WE3 7.00-7.30 Dan Harris
WI3 7.00-7.30 Julie Stock
WA1 7.00-7.30 Tony McGlone

For non swimmers or those still in armbands. Focus is on water confidence, safety and progression out of armbands to 5 meters on front and back and Swim England (ASA) Stage 2. Complete beginners need armbands and all children need to bring two floats and a woggle.

Early Swimmers
For children who can swim without aids. Introduction to 4 strokes aiming for 50 metres and Swim England (ASA) Stage 4. Children need to bring two floats and a woggle.

To help children perfect strokes working towards swimming 500 metres and beyond in the 3 main strokes. Basic diving skills and gaining Swim England (ASA) Stage 5. Children need to bring 2 floats of their own.

Advanced/Personal Survival Skills
Working towards Personal survival skills and up to Swim England (ASA) Stage 7. Aiming at 1000 metres distance. Children need to bring 2 floats of their own.

Rookie Lifeguard Course
Learn survival, rescue and sports skills, Swim England (ASA) Stage 7 and up, higher awards for children up to 15 years. The further progression made with swimming grades, the higher the award as a Rookie. Once 16 you will have most of necessary skills to gain a Full Lifeguard qualification. (*Rookie Lifeguard classes last 45 minutes each)

Swim Fit
For Swimmers with Swim England (ASA) Stage 7 and up who would like to progress towards competitive swim standard, including drill practice, starts and turns. (* Swim Fit classes last 45 minutes each)